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Fleet Truck Washing

Your fleet is a direct representation of your brand, carrying the name around the community or even the world, depending on the size of your company. Don’t let that reputation literally be tarnished by dirt, grime, grease, or otherwise; signing up for dedicated fleet truck washing services is an ideal way to keep your vehicles looking and performing their best.

At H2GO Mobile Wash, we pride ourselves on providing deep-cleaning fleet truck washings at competitive rates – it’s good for your supply chain and your budget! Enjoy peace of mind in knowing your vehicles are free of grit, dirt, grime, mold, and other problems, enabling ventilation and other sensitive components to perform at their peak with minimal maintenance-related complications. With the assistance of our experienced team and state-of-the-art pressure and power washing equipment, the H2GO way is the easy way to keep your company’s fleet shipshape.

Our Fleet Truck Washing Services are Great for the Following and More:

  • Hubcaps and suspension maintenance
  • Improved rustproofing capabilities
  • Prepping a fleet for a fresh paint job
  • Dirt, grime, mold, or grease removal
  • Touchpoint cleaning to protect drivers and delivery recipients
  • Cab, window, door, and hood cleaning
  • Ventilation clearing for optimal engine intake performance
  • Eliminating slip hazards, dirty mirrors and lights, etc.

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Expert, Dedicated Cleaning Technicians

Our deep-cleaning team knows how fleet vehicles work inside and out, which means that we’re able to work carefully to avoid damaging or compromising sensitive components. From wiring to electronics and otherwise, we’re diligent about what we spray and scrub down, so your fleet is always in capable and proactive hands. We’re also firmly committed to delivering our best with every job, no matter whether you take us on for a single task or recurring visits, so you’ll always benefit from the most courteous and considerate service.

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A Mobile Cleaning Setup Unlike Any Other

We know how fleets work because we operate out of one ourselves! Our mobile cleaning vehicles feature 4,000-gallon potable water tanks and specially customized heating elements; the former allows us to tackle larger jobs with fewer refills, and the latter is excellent for steam-blasting stubborn rust and grime. Along with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we work hard to respect your drivers, recipients, and any eco-focused compliance policies. Combined with our experienced team, H2GO Mobile Wash takes all the hassle out of keeping your fleet looking and performing at its best.

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