Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur, yet we rely on entrepreneurs to provide innovation and leadership in society. It takes a strategic mindset, passion, and superior work ethic. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but it is paired with tremendous reward and satisfaction. Leading and growing a business, making calculated risks & decisions to benefit your business & society are all key components of owning a company. But what makes an entrepreneur successful? What sets a business owner apart from an employee?


Entrepreneurs are intrinsically motivated and driven by the desire for challenge, learning opportunities, and continuous growth. Their motivation & passion pair well with their superior work ethic, allowing them to achieve what is unthinkable for most.

Persistence is Key

Perhaps the greatest asset of an entrepreneur is his/her persistence and work ethic. Failure is not an option. When faced with a challenge or disappointment, entrepreneurs find the motivation and strength to continue pushing towards their goals. They fail fast and use every failure as a learning experience to grow. Failure becomes an opportunity.

Strategic Thinking

Entrepreneurs have the ability to think outside the box and create visions that for others seem unimaginable. They identify good investment ideas and turn them into opportunities. They must be creative and innovative and think strategically when faced with challenges or complex decisions.

Goal Setting

Being able to define what success looks like is an important part of being a successful business owner. The definition of success will change over time as your business evolves. Entrepreneurs define goals and lead their companies towards achieving success. Once success is reached, it is celebrated, and a new goal is introduced. Growth is a journey that has no end.


Entrepreneurs have the drive to make a difference in society and they are motivated by challenge and hard work. Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of operating a clean business and surround themselves with partners who share similar values. Trust goes a long way in any industry.

Take Calculated Risks

Entrepreneurs invest their money, time, and energy into a business, so they must be willing to take calculated risks. Risks come in all shapes and sizes, and entrepreneurs need to be willing to entertain risks and have the ability to decide which risks are worth taking based on a sound business idea. Not every risk should be pursued, but you can’t grow without taking risks.

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H2GO Team July 22, 2021