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Understanding Power Washing & H2GO's Advantage

Many of our clients do their due diligence to review multiple quotes before selecting a vendor to partner with for their power washing needs, but are they asking the right questions? The purpose of this page is to explain the technology behind power washing to help you make an informed decision on which vendor is best suited for your application. At H2GO Mobile Wash, our team of engineers have created a custom power washing system that offers clients the highest quality wash in the most efficient, environmentally-friendly & safe manner.

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Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

While most people use these terms interchangeably, pressure washing & power washing are in fact different technologies. Pressure washing uses a water intake source (usually a hose) and creates a powerful charge as it travels out the wand & nozzle. Power washing technology is similar, but also heats the water as it exits the nozzle, allowing for a much deeper clean than the cold water used by pressure washers. There are many factors that determine the effectiveness & efficiency of a pressure or power washer including its pressure (PSI) & water flow (measured in GPM: Gallons per Minute). We talk about these factors below.

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Key Technology Indicators (PSI & GPM)

To effectively clean a surface, a pressure washer needs to be able to do two things: separate dirt and grime from the washing surface, and rinse it away. A unit's ability to do the first action is partially measured by PSI. Its ability to do the second action is measured by GPM. The higher the GPM, the more surface area a pressure washer can clean in a minute. The average pressure washer is usually rated at 1-2 GPM, and while the PSI can be up to 2000+ PSI, it usually cannot be adjusted. H2GO Mobile Wash's technology can be adjusted from 1-10 GPM and 100-5000 PSI. Not all materials are created equally and therefore the pressure used should be adjusted accordingly.

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Water Source

Is there easy access to a water source onsite? If a water source is not available, you will either need to hire a power washing vendor with water onboard or have the added cost of having water delivered for the job. For homeowners & businesses in remote areas where water is not available, it is often more cost effective & convenient to hire a vendor that can bring the water needed to get the job done. Our larger trucks carry up to 12 hours of potable water onboard, servicing residential, commercial & industrial customers with limited or no access to a water source.

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The Advantage of Hot Water & Steam

Cleaning with hot water is almost always superior to using cold water, and is much more efficient. Hot water will significantly reduce the time it takes to wash a surface all while providing superior results compared to when cold water is used. Cleaning with hot water uses less water & electricity, and minimizes the need (most often eliminates the use of) cleaning chemicals. Hot water also offers the advantage of not only removing dirt & stains, but also sanitizing surfaces to remove bacteria & viruses. Lastly, hot water reduces the drying time allowing you to use your spaces, structures & equipment sooner. Steam blasting is even more effective with the ability to remove the deepest stains, graffiti, gum & more.

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Reverse Osmosis Technology

Reverse Osmosis technology is far superior in providing a spot-free wash for windows & glass surfaces. Our custom built window cleaning system incorporates a triple filtration system to produce the purest water on this planet: Stage 1 - Carbon Filter, Stage 2 - Reverse Osmosis Membrane, and Stage 3 - De-Ionized Resin. This gives water tremendous cleaning power and leaves the windows with a spot-free shine! Our specialized carbon fibre, telescopic equipment enables our technicians to clean windows up to 60ft high from the ground level. This minimizes the our use of ladders, lifts & dangerous scaffold systems, making our wash process incredibly safe.

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Attachments & Nozzles

Not all surfaces & materials are created the same, so they should not be washed the same. The water pressure, temperature & nozzles should be adjusted for more fragile surfaces to avoid damage. Our service technicians are highly skilled at power washing and use specialty nozzles & attachments based on the material they are cleaning.

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Eavestrough Cleaning

While most people agree that eavestroughs play a critical role in keeping water away from your home or business, it is a time consuming chore that is too often passed over. It also requires working at heights which not everyone is comfortable with. H2GO is equipped with a powerful vacuum system that is designed and built in Italy. It allows our technicians to clean out eavestroughs from the ground level using telescopic carbon fibre equipment. It even has a built in camera so that we can see what we’re cleaning!

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Safety & Insurance

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, always ensure contractors working onsite are working safely. It is also important to ensure contractors have insurance in the event an accident does happen. H2GO's custom built wash systems incorporate the latest in safety technology. This ensures that our technicians and customers are safe when the work is being performed. Our technicians are insured, highly trained and safety certified.

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