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Wineries & Vineyards: Cleaning & Sanitization

Creating the perfect tasting wine involves a series of intricate steps including planting, harvesting & crushing the grapes, aging the wine, and eventually bottling & labeling the finished wine. Many wineries have evolved from traditional vineyard & brewery operations to offer a full experience for customers to learn & taste their wine. H2GO offers wineries power washing packages designed specifically for the wine industry. From power washing farming machines, sanitizing brewing equipment, to maintaining patios & common areas, H2GO has you covered.

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Power washing services for wineries include:

  • Power washing farming equipment used to plant & harvest grapes
  • Clean & sanitize brewing equipment
  • Remove stains, grime & mould
  • Clean & sanitize oak and stainless steel wine barrels
  • Power washing patios & walkways
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    Power Washing Farm Equipment

    Larger wineries often use heavy farm equipment to help with planting & harvesting the grapes. These machines are subjected to dirt & sludge that can cause damage to moving parts on the equipment and rust build up. H2GO’s high pressure washing system can remove sludge from the machine’s components, avoiding damaging rust build up and prolonging the life of the equipment. We only use environmentally friendly detergents, so you can rest assured that the service is gentle on the surrounding environment.

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    Clean & Sanitize Brewery Equipment

    Brewing wine can be messy with spills & stains. Regularly cleaning the equipment involved in the brewing process is important to prevent mould, bacteria & viruses from growing, creating an unsafe & spoiled product. Reaching temperatures of up to 98 degrees Celsius, H2GO is equipped to sanitize brewing equipment including grape crushing machines, bottling equipment, pumps & storage tanks. Our steam blasting services can also sanitize and remove stains from your production floor without leaving behind any puddles of water.

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    Clean & Sterilize Wine Barrels

    Oak wine barrels give aging wine it’s unique flavour. It is important to thoroughly clean the barrels after each use to help remove stains, residue, and prevent mould & bacteria from forming. While an oak barrel is important for the wine’s flavour, a soiled barrel can destroy the taste of the wine regardless of how good the recipe is. H2GO can help clean & sterilize oak & stainless steel wine barrels.

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    Power Wash Patio & Walkways

    Many wineries are more than just breweries, but also offer a unique experience for customers. H2GO specializes in power washing patios, outdoor furniture, building exteriors & walkways to ensure your guests have an elevated dining experience. Our innovative technology removes dirt, debris and tough stains, making your exterior look it’s best. Carrying up to 12 hours of water onboard, our trucks are equipped to wash patios of all sizes.

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