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Interlock Cleaning

Looking for interlock cleaning services? Our team at H2GO Home will restore your interlock and get it looking its best with our innovative steam pressure washing system. Whether it’s the poolscape, walkways, patio or driveway, our professional & highly trained crew are experts when it comes to cleaning interlock.

If your interlock is starting to look worn and grimy, trust the professionals at H2GO Home. You can count on our team to deliver competitive rates, friendly, courteous service and results that won’t disappoint.

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Restore and Transform Your Interlock

With years of experience behind us, we can restore and transform the look of your interlock to make it look just a good as the day it was installed. Whether you have gum, grease, oil stains, weeds, dirt, rust or grime lingering on your property, we can eliminate it all to ensure your interlock is kept looking sharp. Our proprietary system combines high pressure with heat, steam and our special eco-friendly cleaning solution to produce a thorough, deep clean, leaving your stones gleaming.

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Top Quality Pressure Washing

Our industrial-grade equipment is top-of-the-line, meaning whether it’s a compact urban space or a large property with interlock, we can get the job done without hesitation.

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Preserve Your Interlock with Our Cleaning Service

Interlock can come in many different designs and is often placed where there’s a higher volume of foot traffic. This means that dirt, grime, BBQ drippings, and bacteria can easily wear down and damage the interlock over time as debris makes its way into the crevices and along the pavers. Giving it a good cleaning at least once a year can help to preserve the stone and help it last much longer, keeping your investment protected.

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Keep Your Surfaces Safe

When it comes to the pathways surrounding your home or pool, it’s important to maintain them properly, not only to improve your curb appeal but also to keep it safer by avoiding slip and fall hazards.

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Pressure Washing That Won’t Cause Damage

Cleaning your interlock yourself might get rid of the dirt lingering on the surface but removing the embedded grime, rust and grease requires professional cleaning. Not only does professional interlock cleaning restore the pavers but it will also get the job done without causing any damage to the stone. The last thing you want is to be left with interlock that looks clean but is also chipped and brittle from improper cleaning techniques and pressure.

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