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Commercial & Industrial Power Washing Services

H2GO has created a proprietary wash system that allows operators to complete tasks normally thought to be impossible.. On demand 24/7 services.

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4000 Gallons of onboard potable water to get the job done.


High pressure, high flow equipment, hot water & steam blasting capability.

Eco Friendly

H2GO Mobile Wash uses eco-friendly products.


On demand services. Call us anytime. 1-888-990-H2GO (4246)

Commercial Services

H2GO has created a proprietary wash system that allows operators to complete tasks normally thought to be impossible.

  • Large or Small Trucking Companies
  • Sanitization Services
  • On-Going Factory Maintenance
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Large Indoor Parking Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Construction Equipment
  • Plazas
  • Parking Lots
  • Structures & Monuments
  • The List is Endless...

Fleet Washing

H2GO provides clients with premium fleet wash solutions to match every budget! Options available for fleets both large and small, reduce lost time, increase productivity and working life of equipment… we’ve got you covered.

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Parkade Maintenance

Commercial spaces often find it difficult to properly wash and maintain their indoor/outdoor parking facility. H2GO uses powerful equipment that allows operators to effectively power wash massive areas. We also offer water collection so that no puddles are left behind.

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Heavy Construction Equipment Washing

H2GO offers a range of services for construction equipment to keep the project moving forward. We offer radiator cleaning to prevent overheating, track clear-outs, cleaning of operator access/egress areas, the list goes on. Safety and effectiveness are greatly increased with our services.

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Commercial Property Cleaning

Do you need help removing unsightly stains, gum, graffiti, or potentially hazardous grease build-up from your commercial property or industrial space? Let us take care of the dirty work for you. H2GO offers routine commercial building and property cleaning solutions.

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Paint, Gum, Grease, and Stain Removal

H2GO can easily remove unwanted gum spots, graffiti, grease spillage, and other unattractive stains from your property. The combination of our powerful steam blast system and unique formula will effortlessly remove these blemishes. We’ll even sanitize the area after we’re done cleaning it. If you own a restaurant, you know how frustrating removing stains and grease build-up can be, especially around dumpsters. Let us help you maintain a grease-free disposal area and keep your employees safe from unnecessary slips and falls due to grease build-up.

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Brick and Concrete Renewal/Restoration

Does your old brick or concrete need a little TLC? H2GO’s team of cleaning specialists will fully revitalize any brick or concrete surface. We pay close attention to the details and are committed to giving your property the thorough cleaning it deserves.

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Building Exteriors and Walkways

A well-kept property is more likely to attract patronage. Whether it’s an office building, restaurant, storefront, or gas station, H2GO is committed to revitalizing the space so it looks fresh and inviting. We use our custom-built, proprietary wash equipment to clean walkways and building exteriors. The result is an efficient, deep clean that will make your competitors jealous.

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As the owner of Chocolat on James I hired the H2GO team to clean the exterior of my business after undergoing extensive renovations. The team was very professional and did a thorough job cleaning debris from the brick front, windows, and sidewalks. I would highly recommend their service to keep a business looking clean and professional.

Sheryl Cronsberry
Chocolat on James

I personally work closely with all third party contractors performing maintenance here at HHS. H2GO is a well managed and very professional company. I would highly recommend their services.

Corey Legris
Hamilton Health Sciences

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