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Residential Power Washing

H2GO offers Ontario home owners a comprehensive portfolio of services to keep their homes looking their best. Whether you are looking to boost your home's curb appeal, prepare your space for guests, or general maintenance on your home, H2GO can help. Our high pressure and steam blasting technology can provide dramatic transformations to your home's exterior without the costly expense of a renovation. Our technology prevents damage to the material's surface & surroundings without sacrificing it's cleaning power.

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Select a home washing package that meets your needs. H2GO residential services include but are not limited to the ones below.

  • Exterior House Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning
  • Deck Cleaning & Restoration
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Fence Cleaning & Restoration
  • Patio Cleaning & Restoration
  • Window Cleaning
  • Evestrough Cleaning
  • Interlocking Stone Cleaning
  • Residential Shrink Wrapping
  • BBQ De-Grease
  • H2GO Car Wash
  • Shed Cleaning
  • Cottage & AirBNB Exterior Cleaning
  • You Say It... We Spray It!

Deck & Patio Cleaning

A deep clean of your patio & deck can transform it's appearance and maximize the life of the wood or stone. Let H2GO help bring the life back to your deck or patio!

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Window Cleaning

Although window cleaning can transform the exterior & interior of your home, it's often a chore that home owners put on the back burner. Residential clients often find window cleaning time consuming and difficult to reach. H2GO's professional window cleaning service will transform your windows without causing any damage.

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Driveway Cleaning

Although often overlooked, driveways are a major contributor to your home's curb appeal and are costly to replace. H2GO helps home owners keep their driveways clean, remove stains & extend the life of the driveway.

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Driveway Power Washing
Interlock Cleaning

Interlock Cleaning

Interlocking stones will show age over time. Regular cleaning can help bring your interlocking back to life and prepare your space to host your next party.

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Fence Power Washing

Due to constant exposure to sunlight, changing seasons, and blowing dirt, wood fences often discolour and rot over time. H2GO's fence cleaning services can restore the original colour of the wood, extending it's life and allowing you to enjoy it's natural colour and/or prepare it for staining.

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Fence Power Washing

Eavestrough & Gutter Cleanings

Eavestrough cleaning should be part of your spring & fall maintenance plans. Eavestroughs play a critical role in directing water away from your home, preventing flooding & costly damages. We use our telescopic vacuum technology to remove debris from your gutters, and hot water to clean & sanitize.

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Residential Shrink Wrapping

Safeguard your outdoor assets from the harsh winter elements. There are a lot of benefits to shrink wrapping your patio furniture, BBQs, boats, Seadoos, & trailers over the winter months, during moves, and/or before putting into storage. Our shrink wrapping service will help ensure that your assets remain in excellent condition for years to come, reduce maintenance costs, and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space when the warmer months return.

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Pool Power Washing

Pool Power Washing

Mildew and algae can accumulate on your pool's surface, damaging the pool's liner, changing the colour of the water & causing permanent discolouration over time. H2GO has the technology to give pools the deep clean they need, removing bacteria, dirt & stains, leaving your pool clean & ready for a fun-filled summer!

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Preparation to Sell a House

Home owners are investing in simple staging techniques before selling their house to attract a high paying buyer. Power washing the exterior of your home is a small investment to maximize the return on your home.

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