Interested in starting your own business but don’t have the equity or know where to start? H2GO Mobile Wash might be the perfect franchise opportunity for you. We’ve built our business to be a reputable company in high demand and we’re looking for hard-working, driven millennials with a knack for business and sales to join our team. We believe our business model is the perfect solution for millennials who want to own their own operation but aren’t ready to jump into full ownership. In fact, several young entrepreneurs have already joined our team! To find out why this franchise is appealing to millennials, read on below.

Low Start-Up Costs

Starting a business can demand a sizeable investment. Brick and mortar stores are faced with high real-estate costs and taxes, and startup tech and online businesses need massive marketing budgets to get ahead of the competition. H2GO Mobile Wash, on the other hand, presents a low-cost franchise opportunity for millennials who don’t have a substantial amount of equity to dish out on their first business. Our initial investment costs start around $60,000 all in comparison to $300,000 for most other franchise businesses.

An Alternative to the Traditional 9 to 5

No 9 to 5 job with benefits and a pension is safe today. Even ‘forever companies’ like Sears have closed their doors and taken most of the pensioners’ money with it. Millennials with an entrepreneurial spirit know that they’re not safe in the traditional job market anymore. With more corporate and traditional careers drying up, they’re finding better opportunities and more stable alternatives such as franchising with us. In a short period of time, our franchise owners tend to fill up their weekly schedule with reoccurring work, enough to run two crews and maximize their earnings.

The Leg Work is Already Done

It’s hard to ignore the fact that a large majority of startups fail. So it’s no wonder why people are starting to see the benefit of owning a franchise. Instead of starting from scratch, the business already comes with proven methods and systems in place. Everything is structured and systemized. You’re investing in something that has already grown successfully. All you need to do is jump in, learn the ropes, and start advertising in your own area.

The Reputation Is There

Franchise brands have an established reputation. To prove our point, what companies do you envision when you think of burgers? Is it McDonald’s, Wendy’s or A&W? How about department stores? Is it Walmart, Home Depot or Canadian Tire? Now, what about drug stores? Likely Shoppers Drug Mart. The one thing these companies all have in common is they’re all franchises. Consumers prefer to shop at franchises because they know exactly what to expect regarding service and quality. Shoppers also tend to gravitate towards brands that they recognize. Franchises with an identifiable logo and brand like ours often get first dibs on customers compared to lesser-known operations.

More Independence, Less Risk

Most millennials don’t have the nest egg built up to take on a significant amount of risk. That’s why franchise opportunities like this one are perfect for those who want to start a business but don’t want to take on all the risk themselves. Owning an H2GO Mobile Wash franchise gives you the independence of running your own business with the support of a network behind you. You’re never alone – there’s always someone to turn to when you have questions or need help.

Fewer Employees to Deal With

The number of employees that you need to operate a franchise like H2GO is much smaller than most other businesses. With fewer payroll costs, you can put more of the profits into your own pocket or reinvest it to grow your franchise or buy another.

Less to Worry About

It takes a lot of manpower to run the day-to-day operations of a business. With a franchise, a lot of those things are taken care of by the head office. Branding, sales collateral, leasing, accounting, etc. are often already developed and handled for you. The head office will already have done most of the work for you when it comes to choosing vendors and negotiating deals. And since we buy in bulk, you’ll get a lower cost than if you had to buy them yourself, increasing your earning potential even more.

Is franchising for you? Talk to one of our professionals today at H2GO Mobile Wash to find out what we have to offer. Our mobile pressure washing business is Canada’s first and leading mobile wash franchise. In only a short period of time, it has grown rapidly and has obtained a reputation for high-quality service and performance. Are you ready to join a winning team today and start making money? Fill out an application to get started.

H2GO Team May 26, 2020