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Turn-Key Parkade Cleaning Services

With many vehicles & patrons passing through parking facilities every day and through all weather conditions, parkades can get dirty quickly. Parkades, parking lots & parking garages are often subject to oil stains, gum, dirt, garbage, graffiti, water, snow, and more, requiring regular maintenance. At H2GO Mobile Wash, we have designed power washing packages specifically for parkades designed to keep parking facilities clean & safe, reduce costly repairs, and attract patronage.

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Keeping parkades safe, sanitized & inviting.

Whether you're looking for a one-time clean or a recurring service contract, H2GO Mobile Wash can help! Our team uses powerful equipment that allows operators to effectively power wash massive areas without leaving puddles behind.

  • Remove dirt, gum, graffiti, salt, tire stains & more
  • Garbage removal
  • Water Removal - No puddles left behind!
  • Parking floor, walls, ceiling, stairwells, & signage
  • Line Painting Service
  • Catch Basin Cleaning

Convenient Service

We understand that a parkade’s busiest time is during business hours. Our 24/7 operations allow us to clean during off-peak periods, allowing our client’s to reduce the impact on their operations & maximize revenue. We bring all the materials & equipment to get the job done including water & hydro on board, making it as easy for our customers as possible.

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Deep Clean

We have potable water onboard that heats to over 100 degrees celsius, allowing us to not only steam blast stubborn dirt & stains, but also sanitize all surfaces. We clean all surfaces from top to bottom from ceilings, walls, ledges, to the floor. Our powerful equipment removes oil stains, gum, graffiti, mold, and stubborn dirt. Your parkade will be sparkling by the end of your service!

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No Water Left Behind!

Water tends to pool at low spots in parkades, which leaves behind stagnant water that can breed odours, mold, water stains, & slipping hazards. Customers will drive through puddles that are left behind, carrying dirty water throughout your recently washed parkade. We collect all water & debris at the end of every parkade wash leaving the space looking its best!

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