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Eavestrough Cleaning & Maintenance

Although often overlooked, eavestroughs play a critical role in your home’s ecosystem. Eavestroughs direct water away from your house to a water-safe area, preventing rainwater & melting snow from flooding your home, damaging your roof and/or eroding the soil around your home’s foundation. Leaves, dirt, and other debris will accumulate in your eavestroughs over time, requiring regular maintenance to ensure water is draining as it's supposed to. Failure to maintain your eavestroughs can result in costly damages to your roof, eavestroughs, home's foundation and interior.

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Prevent Flooding

Water damage is a home owner's worst nightmare. During heavy rainfalls and periods of melting snow, significant volumes of water can pool on your roof and around your home's exterior. Without anywhere to go, the water will penetrate through the roof, walls and your home's foundation. It is critical to keep your eavestroughs clear of debris and ensure they are in good working order, as they play an important role in directing water away from your house.

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Keep Critters Away

Every fall, critters & rodents look for a warm shelter to build a nest during the winter months. Your eavestroughs are an attractive place to hide out for the winter. Deter critters by removing leaves & debris they can use to build a nest and hide. Not only are critters unsanitary & messy, their nests cause blockages in your eavestrough system preventing the flow of water. This can cause flooding in your home and create an attractive place for insects & mold to breed in the spring.

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Avoid Costly Repairs

As temperatures drop during the winter months, any water sitting in your eavestroughs will freeze. This can cause your gutters to break & crack, resulting in a costly repair or replacement. In the worst scenarios, a build-up of ice in your eavestroughs can cause significant damage to your roof. Ensure your eavestroughs are cleaned out in the fall before the freezing temperatures arrive, and again in the spring before the heavy rain season.

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We are Eavestrough Experts

At H2GO Mobile Wash, we are experts in eavestrough cleanings. Our telescopic equipment uses vacuum technology to remove debris that are blocking your gutters. After all debris is removed, we use hot water & steam to remove mold, algae, dirt, animal droppings & stains that have built up on the interior & exterior of your eavestroughs. The best part is we can perform the entire cleaning from the ground, making it a safe execution.

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