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Residential Shrink Wrapping Services

As the winter season approaches, homeowners often scramble to prepare their homes for the colder weather. Patio furniture, BBQs, boats, seadoos, & trailers are investments you should be able to enjoy for many years as long as you keep them protected over the winter months. One effective method for safeguarding your valuable outdoor assets during the winter months is shrink wrapping.

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Residential Shrink Wrapping Services

Protect your valuable assets over the winter months, while in storage, and/or during transportation with our shrink wrapping services.

  • Patio Furniture
  • BBQs
  • Boats & Seadoos
  • Trailers
  • Cars
  • Protect Furniture During Moving & Storage

Professional Shrink Wrapping Service

We stack your furniture into neat and space-efficient piles and wrap each one in our white polymer plastic wrap. We then use a heat gun to mold the wrap to the exact shape of your furniture/equipment, ensuring it has a tight and secure fit. Lastly, we install small vents to facilitate air flow and prevent mold & mildew from forming over the winter.

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Tarps Are Not A Substitute

A common mistake homeowners make is using tarps to protect their furniture and equipment over the winter. Tarps are not only unsightly and make your backyard look messy, but they do not offer the same level of protection as shrink wrapping. Snow and water often pool on tarps, which can cause damage to your outdoor assets and can become a breeding area for insects & birds in the spring. The tie downs required to keep the tarp in place can scratch your furniture & other assets and leave indents. Tarps also rarely hold up in wind and winter storms, leaving your outdoor assets vulnerable to the elements.

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Protection From The Elements

Winter weather can be harsh, with freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and rain. These elements can take a toll on your outdoor assets (patio furniture, boats, cars, etc.) causing them to deteriorate, crack, fade, or rust over time. Shrink wrapping provides a protective barrier that shields your assets from these adverse conditions.

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Prolonged Lifespan

By safeguarding your outdoor assets, you're extending their lifespan. Patio furniture that is well-maintained can last for many years, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space for seasons to come without having to replace damaged pieces. Likewise, shrink wrapping your outdoor equipment, boats, cars, and other assets will help prolong their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Compared to other forms of protection or storage solutions, shrink wrapping is a cost-effective way to protect your outdoor assets. Struggling with tarps is frustrating and often does not provide the protection you need. Tarps do not provide the same level of protection as shrink wrapping.

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Keep Critters Off

When the temperature drops, rodents look for a warm place to call home for the winter. Your patio cushions, BBQ, boat, and other outdoor equipment can make a cozy spot for a nest. Shrink wrapping will seal your furniture, vehicles and equipment, making it much more difficult for rodents to get in.

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Easy Removal

When spring arrives and you're ready to use your outdoor furniture and equipment again, shrink wrap can be easily removed. Unlike bulky covers or tarps that may be cumbersome to handle, shrink wrap provides a clean and hassle-free solution.

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