Regardless of what you are selling and the purpose of your commercial space, customers form opinions about your business before you even get a chance to communicate with them. They may drive by your building on the highway and form judgments & assumptions about your company based on the appearance of your building & property. A person’s decision to visit your store may be influenced by the condition of your building’s exterior. Once a customer decides to visit your store or office, their experience will play a critical role in deciding whether to buy from you or not. You can influence their purchasing decision by keeping your commercial building’s exterior and surrounding property clean and tidy. Power washing your building’s exterior, parking areas, walkways & signage, is a cost-effective way to attract business and maximize your revenue.

Represent Your Company’s Brand

Your building’s exterior is an advertisement for anyone who passes by, so make sure it is inviting. Visible signage ensures customers can recognize your company and find you. Like the rest of your building, outdoor signs & logos are subject to dirt, salt, UV rays, algae & mold. Power washing your building’s signage & entryways is a cost-effective way to maximize the lifespan of the sign, represent your brand in a positive way, and ensure visitors can find your building. 

Ensure Visitors Feel Safe 

Especially in this day & age, ensuring your visitors feel safe is an important factor in converting a customer. If a visitor feels unsafe, they likely will not stay in your store or office long enough to convert them into a customer. Even if the interior of your building is sanitized, if it looks dirty or grungy from the exterior, your visitors might be turned off before even coming inside. Consider power washing away dirt, grime, algae, and mold from your commercial building’s exterior. Whether your building’s exterior is brick, concrete, stucco, or siding, power washing can remove years of wear and weather. Windows are also critical to the building’s overall health. Consider a reverse-osmosis window cleaning to remove dirt, algae & mold, creating a safe and visually appealing space.

Consider Your Customer’s Experience

Imagine pulling into a parking lot that is dirty, has water pooling in places, and garbage. You get out of your car and head to the walkway that is covered in leaves, algae, and/or is discolored with dirt. You then approach the front door where the windows are tinted with dirt & watermarks and the building’s siding is dirty & run down. How likely are you to purchase from this company? Before a visitor has a chance to talk to one of your associates, they have already formed opinions on the professionalism of your company and your brand. Business owners who regularly power wash their commercial buildings & storefronts ensure visitors have the best experience possible, maximizing their earnings.

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H2GO Team November 15, 2021