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Top 5 Use Cases for Commercial Power Washing

Commercial Power Washing Mississauga, Hamilton & Niagara Area   With as much foot & road traffic as the Greater Mississauga, Hamilton & Niagara areas see on a daily basis, it is no surprise that common areas get dirty quickly. In addition to the large populations the cities see, buildings, parking lots and other outdoor structures … Continued

Top Surfaces That Benefit From Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is one of the best methods for cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring a wide variety of surfaces around your home or business. It is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective cleaning method compared to alternatives, and is known to reduce operating costs & extend the life of many materials & assets. … Continued

What is the best time of the year to power wash your house?

The truth is, there is no bad time to power wash the exterior of your home. While Spring & Summer tend to be the most popular times to power wash your home, there are lots of benefits to washing your home’s exterior in the Fall and even throughout the cold Ontario winters. While the motivation … Continued

Commercial Power Washing: How often should you wash a building?

Like anything that has constant exposure to nature’s elements, commercial building exteriors will show age & decay over time without proper maintenance. So how often should you power wash your commercial building? Our recommendation is to power wash your commercial building, windows, walkways & parking areas as often as possible, and this article explains why. … Continued

6 Things to Consider When Booking a Power Washing Service

Most homeowners will receive multiple quotes before deciding which power washing service provider to move forward with. While comparing your quotes based on cost is a responsible consideration before booking a service, it is also important to educate yourself on the quality indicators for the service you are about to hire. Our goal in this … Continued

Sell Your House Fast & for Top Dollar

As the pandemic housing surge comes to an end, homeowners must revert back to the techniques used in a balanced/ buyer’s market. How fast your home sells and for what amount will depend on many factors. There are a few strategies within your control to help your home sell quickly and for top dollar. We … Continued

Spring Home Cleaning Mistakes: What Not To Do

6 Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid “Nice weather season” is on its way! If you’re like us, your list of recreational activities is long for the spring & summer months, but so is your spring maintenance to-do list. Save yourself time, money & frustration by avoiding these spring cleaning don’ts below, so you can focus … Continued

Spring Maintenance Checklist to Save Time & Money

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Home This Spring to Save Time & Money    Are you ready to maximize your summer? Get your spring cleaning out of the way so you can spend your summer doing your favourite things with the people you love! Summer is only a few weeks away. We put together the … Continued

Can you power wash your home in the winter? Yes you can!

4 Reasons to Power Wash Your Home This Winter It’s the dead of winter and you’re trying your best to ignore the salt stains on your driveway, the dirt built up on your siding, your weathered fence, and the algae that grew threw your patio stone cracks last year. You are desperately trying to soak … Continued

Power Wash Your Business to Maximize Revenue

Regardless of what you are selling and the purpose of your commercial space, customers form opinions about your business before you even get a chance to communicate with them. They may drive by your building on the highway and form judgments & assumptions about your company based on the appearance of your building & property. … Continued

Window Cleaning: Hire a Professional or DIY

Most homeowners can agree that clean windows dramatically transform a home’s appearance, yet not all are quick to call the professionals. For many DIY homeowners, cleaning the exterior windows is a task that is within reach. Homeowners often weigh the cost of hiring a professional window cleaning service and the effort involved to DIY. Here … Continued