Like anything that has constant exposure to nature’s elements, commercial building exteriors will show age & decay over time without proper maintenance. So how often should you power wash your commercial building? Our recommendation is to power wash your commercial building, windows, walkways & parking areas as often as possible, and this article explains why.

Commercial Buildings Are a Reflection of Your Brand

A company’s logo is proudly displayed on its building exteriors, promoting brand awareness as people drive by. When employees, visitors, and customers visit your building, the condition of your building’s exterior will influence how they view the professionalism of your company. Let’s face it, the human race is attracted to beautiful, shiny things and your building’s exterior is no exception. People will think more favourably about your brand & company if your building’s exterior is clean and well maintained. 

Attract customers and promote brand loyalty by regularly power washing your commercial building’s exterior, keeping windows clean, and washing parking areas & walkways.

Commercial Power Washing is a Worthwhile Investment

As your building ages over time, your maintenance bills increase significantly. Regularly power washing your building’s exterior is a proactive measure to prevent costly damage over the long term, saving you thousands of dollars in damages and inconvenient downtimes. 

  • The sun’s UV rays can discolour your building’s exterior over time, creating unwanted stains. Replacing or repainting siding, brick & stone is a costly expense for a large commercial building. Power washing is a cost-effective alternative to reverse & prevent discolouration and damage caused by sunlight exposure.
  • Recurring window washing is critical to ensuring your commercial building looks its best and maximizing the natural sunlight flowing indoors. Commercial window washing will also minimize exposure to toxic contaminants and allergens. Mold, mildew, dust and algae are attracted to window panes and breed quickly. Regular window washing will remove and prevent any spores from forming, resulting in a healthier building for employees & visitors.
  • Graffiti & stuck on gum is an eye sore for any professional company and may deter potential customers from visiting. Power washing can remove graffiti and gum from commercial building exteriors, walkways & parking areas.
  • A well-maintained and clean building allows employees to feel pride in their employer and look forward to visiting the office.

Commercial Power Washing Maintenance Packages

H2GO’s commercial power washing packages offer recurring washes for your building’s exterior. We use heat, steam and pressurized water to effectively clean commercial buildings of all sizes without the use of harmful chemicals. Our reverse-osmosis window cleaning system produces the purest water on the planet, leaving your windows sparkling clean. Our professional surface cleaning tools use steam blasting to remove tough stains and to wash massive areas such as parking lots, parkades and walkways. Contact us today for a free estimate. We are licensed and insured, and always prioritize quality & safety. 

H2GO Team September 26, 2022