You might remember the original majestic natural colour that your fence or deck once had, but has since evolved into a lifeless dull grey. While your fence & deck make a major impact on the appearance of your property and entertainment spaces, they are expensive and labour intensive to replace. This is why many homeowners choose to restore their fences & decks and invest in regular maintenance to avoid a costly replacement. Are you longing for the days when your fence or deck was first built? Here are some tips on how you can restore your wood deck or fence.

Give it a Good Cleaning

The restoration process starts with a good cleaning, and it is arguably the most important step to bringing your fence or deck back to life. Your fence & deck are exposed to many elements including the sun, dirt, water, and more, taking a major toll on its wood surface. Mould, bacteria & algae can build up on the wood’s surface causing it to age and rot in the long term. Your fence or deck will need to be power washed thoroughly to remove all substances. If done properly, you will see a major transformation in the colour of the wood after power washing. Your fence or deck will look new again and harmful substances that will rot the wood over time have been washed away. Contact the experts at H2GO Mobile Wash today for a free quote on power washing your fence or deck. H2GO’s professional service uses powerful equipment and hot water to remove the toughest dirt & grime, without damaging the wood.

Repair Damages

Now that the wood is cleaned, it is time to repair any damages. Use wood filler to repair larger gaps and cracks in your fence or deck. Check for any loose fence panels or deck boards. You may need to reinforce them with screws or nails to strengthen their structure. Lastly, if you have any decorative fence caps, lighting or deck railings, check and replace them as needed. It will ensure your deck or fence looks its best!

Seal & Style

Apply an oil-based stain or sealant to protect your deck or fence from normal wear & tear. If you prefer the natural cedar or pine look, apply a clear sealant to your fence or deck. This will maintain the natural colour of the wood while still offering protection. If you prefer to style your deck or fence with a different colour, then select an outdoor wood paint or stain based on your personal preference. Make sure it also seals the wood for protection.

Ongoing Maintenance

Sit back and enjoy your like-new fence and deck, but don’t get too comfortable! It is important to maintain your deck and fence at least on an annual basis, if not more frequently. This will save you time and money in the long run. Regular power washing on your deck and fence is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent long-term wear. It also helps keep your deck and fence looking their best. Reapplying sealant on an annual basis is also good practice for ongoing protection. Check out our website for more information on how to care for your deck and fence.

H2GO Team August 11, 2021