The truth is, there is no bad time to power wash the exterior of your home. While Spring & Summer tend to be the most popular times to power wash your home, there are lots of benefits to washing your home’s exterior in the Fall and even throughout the cold Ontario winters. While the motivation behind why you wash your home may change with the season, power washing can be done year-round.

Spring Power Washing

In the Spring months, we finally come out of winter hibernation and start preparing our homes for nice weather. We clean up the gardens, spruce up the lawn, and get our patios ready for entertaining. Spring is a popular time for homeowners to power wash their houses to remove dirt, grime, and salt built up during the winter months. Spring is also a great time to wash your windows to remove dirt and prevent mold and algae from growing in the wet spring season. A spring power wash will remove any signs of winter from your home’s exterior, driveway, walkways & windows and refresh your patio to enjoy the warm weather.

Summer Power Washing

The summer months are also very popular for power washing your home’s exterior. It is a great time to power wash around your pool to remove any weather staining & grime. Homeowners also tend to work on projects throughout the summer which often requires a power wash to prepare for construction or to remove post-construction dust. Power washing is a great way to prepare your home’s exterior for paint, prepare your deck or fence for paint or stain, and remove dirt & oil from your driveway before sealing it. Power washing will also remove any weeds & algae that have started to grow through your interlock patio stones, and will freshen up your windows to increase the natural sunlight flowing into your home.

Fall Power Washing

The Fall season in Ontario seems to get milder every year, often becoming an extension of the summer months. As the leaves fall and the weather becomes damp & cold, the decaying leaves can leave stains on your deck & patio. As you put away your patio furniture for the season, you may also notice stains left by outdoor rugs, planters, furniture, and more. A deep clean of your deck & patio in the fall will remove stains and prevent permanent discolouration. All leaves & debris should be removed from your eavestrough & gutters before the winter months to ensure water can drain effectively away from your house. Fall is also a good time to remove any mold & algae spores forming around your windows to avoid them from spreading in the Spring. 

Winter Power Washing

Yes, you can power wash your home in freezing temperatures with hot water! Get your house ready to impress your guests for the holidays by power washing your home’s exterior. If you are selling your house in the winter, power washing is also a cost-effective way to maximize the curb appeal of your home and attract buyers. Power washing with hot water can also remove built-up ice on your roof and eavestroughs to avoid water damage to your house throughout the winter.

H2GO Mobile Wash provides professional power washing services to Southern Ontario year-round! We use hot water and steam to remove stubborn dirt & grime, provide a deep clean, and sanitize the surface! Check out our residential services page or call us at 1-888-990-4246 for more information! 

H2GO Team November 11, 2022