As the pandemic housing surge comes to an end, homeowners must revert back to the techniques used in a balanced/ buyer’s market. How fast your home sells and for what amount will depend on many factors. There are a few strategies within your control to help your home sell quickly and for top dollar. We will review them below. Happy selling!

First Impression Bias (Curb Appeal)

Curb appeal helps set the tone for a buyer looking at your property. Oftentimes, the buyer’s feelings towards the house when they first see it from the outside will stick with them as they tour the property. Some people call it “the first impression bias”. The condition of your home’s exterior will give the buyer insight into how well taken care of (or not) the property has been over time. Your first chance to impress a potential buyer is with your home’s curb appeal.

Power washing the exterior of your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your home. Wash away years of dirt, grime, mold & algae from your home’s exterior and driveway. It will help rewind time, making your home look younger than it is, and show potential buyers that your home is well kept.

Keeping a nice lawn, adding porch planters, and removing clutter from your home’s entrance are other cost-effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Maximize Natural Light

There is a reason why realtors advise turning on every light in your house and opening all your blinds prior to a showing. Natural light boosts people’s mood and allows the space to look bigger than it is. Maximize the natural light that shines through your home by keeping your windows clean and spot-free. Power washing using a reverse osmosis cleaning system is the best way to give your windows a spot-free clean, maximizing the light that flows through. More information about this process is linked here. Due to the high expense of replacing windows, buyers will often give your windows a close inspection when they tour your home to determine their age & need for replacement. A thorough window cleaning will help remove any mold and condensation around the windows which will make them appear newer than they may be.

Highlight Outdoor Spaces

Many potential buyers are looking to create a backyard space that enhances relaxation and entertainment. Give your backyard a facelift by removing dirt, grime & weeds from your interlock patio, deck & fences. Power washing your patio, deck & fence can remove years of wear without the need for a costly renovation. In just a few hours, your backyard can be cleaned up & restored to its original beauty. 

Decluttering Goes a Long Way

If not anything else, declutter declutter declutter! Allow your space to speak for itself by removing unnecessary furniture & decor, and personal items. A house with minimal clutter allows buyers to imagine themselves in your space bringing their own furniture & decor. Decluttering makes spaces look clean, bright, and big. 

Ready to sell?

Contact us if you’re ready to sell your house for top dollar! H2GO Mobile Wash is an expert in boosting your home’s curb appeal to prepare your home to sell!

H2GO Team May 30, 2022