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Cottages can be among the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world, but they come with their own set of maintenance challenges. When buying a cottage, you envisioned a relaxing fortress nestled in the trees overlooking the lake, but you’re now realizing it is a lot of work to keep that view beautiful. Your towering trees shed leaves, sap, bark, and needles, staining your patio, deck, cottage siding, and outdoor furniture. Your home is shared with many creatures and wildlife that leave droppings around your property. Your dock, patio & decking are breeding areas for algae, mold, and mildew, and the sun discolors your outdoor wood structures. Regular power washing is an obvious solution for cottage owners, but it’s a daunting task for most. While working in cottage country, we observed three challenges cottage owners need to overcome to keep their exteriors clean.

Lake Intake or Well Water Supply

Power washing your city home is not the same as attempting to wash your cottage. Most cottages rely on either a lake intake or well water supply. The water usually has quite a way to travel from the lake or well before reaching your taps, which reduces the water pressure greatly. This makes the task of power washing very difficult as the standard power washer will not be able to pressurize the water effectively enough to wash away the dirt and grime needed to make a difference on your cottage exterior.

Short Hose Dilemma 

Many cottages come with sprawling properties, and in Ontario, often on a rock cliff overlooking the lake. The landscape is unbeatable but it makes exterior maintenance very challenging. Over the years, you may have built a beautiful staircase that brings you down to the water, a floating dock, and a shed to keep your water toys secure. You can buy the longest hose retail stores carry, but they often are not long enough to reach your entire property and they lose pressure that you are already struggling to produce. 

Your Windows are a Source of Beauty and Stress

If you are lucky enough to have floor-to-ceiling windows to take in those views, you know how daunting it can be to keep those windows clean. Taking out the ladder and bucket of glass cleaner can eat an entire summer weekend, and can be dangerous without the proper tools and knowledge of working at heights. In the end, cottage owners often are disappointed with streaks or missed areas on the glass that they weren’t able to reach fully.

Call us at H2GO Mobile Wash to learn how we can help you transform your cottage exterior safely and efficiently, freeing up your weekends to enjoy waterfront living. Our mobile power wash vehicles are equipped with over 200 ft of hose, allowing us to reach areas of your property you never thought would be possible. We use the water supply from your hose and put it through our mobile vehicle which pressurizes and heats the water to 3000 psi and 98 degrees celsius. Our window cleaning system carefully removes the toughest dirt and grime without damage, leaving your windows with a streak-free shine. Check out our Mike Holmes testimonial where we transformed the exterior of his large country property which operates on well water.

Contact us today and kick off your shoes, you’ll love walking barefoot on your freshly cleaned deck and patio.

H2GO Team June 13, 2021