There are moments in history that change the world forever. From the World Wars to the attacks of 9/11, these changed the world we knew forever. There is no doubt that the 2020-21 pandemic will also leave a lingering impact on the world for many years to come.

Remote Culture

The pandemic rolled into Canada like a tsunami, shutting down workplaces, borders & social events in a matter of days. Almost a year later, many workplaces have adopted and implemented a remote working culture that will exist even after the pandemic. Many people have already packed their bags and said goodbye to the big city forever in pursuit of more space and land.

This trend will bring new opportunities for investors. At H2GO Mobile Wash, our trucks carry up to 12 hours of water on board, bringing us a unique opportunity to serve remote communities. Mike Holmes’ country estate is a great example of this. Check out our Mike Holmes story here.

Businesses will start downsizing their office space and we may see offices shared by multiple companies. These coworking spaces will put more pressure on commercial landlords & businesses to offer a higher level of sanitation both inside & outside the building. At H2GO Mobile Wash, we look forward to pivoting with our commercial clients to meet the new demands of their office spaces during & after the pandemic. Check out our commercial services page for more information on how H2GO helps businesses look their best and remain sanitized.

Focus on Family

With so much time spent at home this past year, people have a newfound appreciation for family. Although family has always been a priority, the chaos of life and work often took precious time away from the people who matter the most. In the last year, we have seen home improvement stores struggle to keep up with the demand, and contractors’ schedules booked months in advance. As Canadians spend more time at home than ever before, we are seeing people invest in their homes & families at unprecedented rates.

Studies have shown that people tend to be happier when they invest their money in their homes, rather than other material items. At H2GO, we take pride in helping homeowners get their properties looking their best. Check out our residential services page for more information.

Software-Based Shopping Experiences

Although the world has been on a path towards digitization for years, many businesses and people were taken off guard by the almost immediate shift towards a digital society at the start of the pandemic. Businesses were forced to invest in online stores to meet the growing demands from consumers for self-serving shopping experiences. Nowadays, consumers want an experience with their purchase including a visually superior website, immediate responses, GPS tracking, and so on. Businesses will need to invest in their online presence and shopping experience to remain competitive now and in the future.

Continued Emphasis on Health

Much like the attacks of 9/11 changed security, the pandemic will change health standards forever. Employees will demand cleaner workspaces, travelers will expect increased hygiene on airplanes, parents will expect more frequent sanitation at schools & playgrounds, commuters will have higher expectations when taking transit, and so on. The demand for cleaning & sanitization services will be higher than we have ever seen before.

This is an exciting time for us at H2GO as we play an important role in keeping businesses & communities safe. Not only do we dramatically improve the appearance of surfaces, but we also sanitize and prevent lasting damage. Our high-temperature technology stops germs in their tracks without damaging the material’s surface. We work with businesses to make their employees feel comfortable at work and keep communities safe. Check out our post on how H2GO is helping businesses combat COVID-19 here.

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H2GO Team January 24, 2021