Running a transportation company can be a daunting task as you navigate the unique challenges faced by the industry. Whether you are a new fleet owner/manager or are looking for ways to optimize your fleet operations, we have summarized some of the top challenges fleet owners face and ways to address them.

Driver Shortages & Burnout

The transportation industry continues to be faced with driver shortages and retention challenges. While truck drivers play an essential role in keeping the economy running, the job comes with long hours and travel, which can cause burnout and job fatigue. As a fleet owner or management professional, consider finding ways to make your truck drivers’ jobs as seamless as possible. Are there administrative and operational tasks that can be removed and outsourced to other employees or companies to help reduce drivers’ hours and responsibilities?

Automating Manual Tasks

Automating manual administrative tasks using modern technology is one way to improve your drivers’ work experience & reduce their workload for tasks such as timesheet entry, communication methods, schedules & so on. There are many fleet management tools & software available that are specifically designed for the transportation industry. Check out the article linked here for some fleet management software ideas.

Outsourcing Maintenance & Vehicle Power Washing

Some truck drivers are expected to clean the interior & exterior of their fleet vehicles when they return them back to the yard after their scheduled trip. When drivers return after a long trip, they are often exhausted and ready for a much-needed break. Companies like H2GO Mobile Wash offer mobile power washing services to offload the time-consuming task of keeping your vehicles clean. Allow your drivers to simply return their vehicles to your yard, and our team will come with all the equipment and water required to get the job done. Learn more here.

Avoid Unwanted Ministry Fines

Ontario has strict commercial vehicle safety requirements to keep our roadways and drivers safe. When you’re asked to stop at a ministry inspection station, built-up dirt & salt, dirty mirrors, and covered license plates are among the things that can result in costly fines. Parking violations are another costly expense for fleet owners as legal parking can be scarce in certain areas. While parking violations may be unavoidable in some situations, routine power washing of your fleet vehicle’s exterior and undercarriage will ensure the ministry can inspect key components, so you can avoid costly fines and continue on route to your destination. H2GO Mobile wash can help! Learn more about commercial vehicle safety & the Ministry of Ontario regulations here.

Reduce Operating Costs

Fuel and vehicle maintenance are among the biggest expenses for fleet owners. Fluctuating fuel costs make it difficult to budget operating expenses. Focus on training your drivers on minimizing idle times and poor driver behavior such as speeding & excessive braking, to maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicles. Eroding components on your vehicle is also a costly expense. Maximize the lifecycle of your vehicle’s components by keeping them clean and well-maintained. Focus on keeping your engine degreased & well ventilated, ensure your wheels & hubcaps are kept clean to avoid erosion & rust, consider using rust inhibitor soap, and keep the interior of the cab sanitized between drivers.

Driver Safety

Highway driving is among the biggest risk people take every day, and truck drivers are at even greater risk due to the amount of time they spend on the roads. Ensuring your drivers have adequate rest in between shifts, have the proper training & experience to operate their vehicles, and are monitored & have an action plan in case of emergencies, are all ways you as a fleet owner or manager can ensure you drivers are safe. Driver safety starts with a safe vehicle to drive, so ensure your fleet vehicles are regularly cleaned, inspected & repaired, and undergo routine maintenance.

Truck Utilization

Truck utilization is one of the most important key performance indicators for a transportation company and essential for profitability. Driver availability, truck uptime, and market demand are all key factors for ensuring your trucks are fully utilized. Keep your drivers satisfied, healthy & safe to encourage them to remain in their roles and within the industry. Onboarding & training a new employee is costly, so focusing on employee retention is critical. Perform regular maintenance & cleaning on your vehicles to reduce repair costs and maximize your vehicles’ uptime & lifespan. Lastly, generate demand for your services by using your fleet vehicles as moving billboards! Keep your trucks clean & beautiful so your brand is clear for people to see while your drivers are out on their routes!

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H2GO Team October 28, 2022