6 Tips for Maintaining Your Home This Spring to Save Time & Money 


Are you ready to maximize your summer? Get your spring cleaning out of the way so you can spend your summer doing your favourite things with the people you love! Summer is only a few weeks away. We put together the spring maintenance checklist below so you can spend your time planning the best summer you’ve ever had without spring home maintenance getting in your way.

Inspect & Clean Gutters & Downspouts

Spring & fall are good times to ensure your gutters & downspouts are clear and in good shape as they play a critical role in draining water away from your house. Without proper drainage, mold & critters may create a home for themselves in your gutters which could jeopardize your health & result in costly repairs. Gutters & downspouts also prevent your home from flooding. Make sure they are in good working order before the winter thaw & spring showers.

Check Your Roof for Wear

Your roof protects your home from all the elements of the great outdoors including water, heat, snow & more. Replacing your roof is a big expense. Make it a habit to inspect your roof at least once a year to look for missing, cracked, or buckling shingles. You may be able to patch problem areas, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs. Regularly inspecting your roof will also allow you to forecast & budget a roof replacement when the time comes rather than being surprised with a major cost.

Seal Wood Structures

Have you ever tried to stain your deck in the beaming summer heat? Not only are you working away a beautiful summer day, but sealing wood structures in the heat is not recommended. The heat will cause the stain to dry prematurely before it has a chance to penetrate the wood, reducing its benefits. Spring is a great time to seal your wood structures. The sealant will protect the wood from UV rays, moisture & dirt, extending its life & often making the wood look new again.

Inspect Windows & Doors

Windows & doors are sealed with caulking that wears over time. Inspect your windows & doors this spring and replace caulking as required. Properly sealed windows & doors minimize hot/cold drafts from entering your home, making your home more energy-efficient. Caulking prevents insects & critters from sneaking into your home through small cracks & holes in your doors & windows and keeps water outside where it belongs.

Remove Critters

Even the smallest cracks & openings in your home’s exterior can become a warm nest for critters over the winter. It’s a good habit to check the exterior of your home in the spring for signs of critters and areas where insects may breed as the weather warms up. Look for any areas on your property that may have eroded over time, providing a lower area for water to pool. Even small stagnant puddles can become breeding grounds for mosquitos, ruining your backyard summer experience.

Test Your Air Conditioner

Imagine, it’s the middle of a heatwave and your air conditioner breaks down. Thousands of homeowners find themselves in this situation every year, all desperately in line for a handful of technicians to service or replace their air conditioner. Proactively check your air conditioner in the spring so you can service it as necessary before the busy summer rush. You will capitalize on spring discounts and avoid long waits during the busy summer heatwaves.

Now that your spring maintenance is out of the way, take out your patio furniture and enjoy! It’s going to be a summer to remember!

H2GO Team February 27, 2022