Most homeowners will receive multiple quotes before deciding which power washing service provider to move forward with. While comparing your quotes based on cost is a responsible consideration before booking a service, it is also important to educate yourself on the quality indicators for the service you are about to hire. Our goal in this blog post is to provide you with information to help you understand your power washing quotes and ask your service providers the right questions.

Cold Water vs. Hot Water

Imagine washing your dishes with cold water? No, you just wouldn’t. The same goes for washing the exterior of your house. Hot water is one of the biggest differentiating factors when choosing your pressure washing service provider. While cold water will remove dirt, algae, and mold from the surface, hot water will penetrate deep into the surface removing contaminants that cannot be seen from the surface. This will not only make your home, deck, patio, fences, etc. look great after a power wash, but will remove any harmful contaminants that are eating away at the material’s surface over time. You are also more likely to remove tough stains when using hot water. Hot water sanitizes surfaces, removing bacteria, viruses, and allergens from your home’s exterior & windows.


Pressure Washing Specs (Pressure PSI / Water GPM)

The average store-bought pressure washer sprays cold water at a rate of 2000 PSI (pressure) and 1-2 GPM (water flow). Pressure (PSI) is responsible for lifting stubborn dirt & contaminants, while water flow (GPM) is needed to rinse it away. While the average pressure washer may be sufficient for quick clean up’s, it often does not have enough power to remove weather staining from UV rays, tough stains, and harmful contaminants deep within the material’s surface. Ensure you ask your service provider for specs on their PSI and GPM. A professional service should offer PSI and GPM ratings much higher than the average pressure washer. After all, it is not only their friendly service you are hiring but their innovative technology!


Ability to Adjust Pressure

Not all surfaces are created the same, which means they also have different requirements when it comes to cleaning. While you may save money on the pressure washing service, if the contractor is unable to adjust their pressure on more fragile surfaces such as windows, wood, siding, and stucco, you may be left with a hefty repair bill. While it is important to hire a company that has the ability to use high pressure, you want to make sure they are able to adjust the pressure as necessary to avoid damage. The last thing you want is a freshly cleaned home that is left with dented siding, chunks of wood taken off your deck & fence, grout removed from your interlock, and broken window seals.


Use of Chemicals

While it may sound like you are getting more bang for your buck when a company offers to use soaps, detergents, and other chemicals, they are likely using chemicals to compensate for lack of pressure & hot water. For most residential, commercial & industrial power washing, chemicals are not required. Hot water, steam, and high pressure can be used to remove tough stains, gum, graffiti, and more without the use of chemicals. Chemicals should always be used as a last resort for only the toughest stains such as deep oil stains, and environmentally-friendly chemicals should always be used. The use of chemicals can damage nearby plants & grass, and can be harmful to animals and the environment. Substitute hot water & steam blasting whenever possible to avoid using chemicals. Check out our video with Mike Holmes who explains the importance of a chemical-free service.


Reverse Osmosis Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a time-consuming task that homeowners are often happy to offload to a contractor. The water in most of Southern Ontario is high in calcium and other minerals which can leave your windows cloudy. When hiring a professional window cleaning service, make sure they are using a reverse osmosis window cleaning system to ensure a spot-free shine. Whether you are on city water, well or cistern, you’d be surprised with the level of minerals in your water and how it impacts the appearance of your windows after cleaning.


Pressure Washing Safety

Safety is an important consideration when choosing a contractor, yet it is often overlooked in the quotation phase. Make sure to hire a contractor who is licensed & insured, and who has proper safety protocols in place. Will they be using a ladder, scaffolding, or a lift to reach the second floor of your home? Do they have equipment that can be used from the ground to avoid working at heights altogether? Don’t underestimate the importance of safety when hiring a contractor to avoid injury on your property.


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H2GO Team July 11, 2022