Sometimes a little investment goes a long way. Just like you clean & maintain your car, your house, and other expensive assets, you should do the same with your fleet vehicles. Here are four reasons why power washing your fleet is a worthwhile investment.

Save Money on Maintenance & Downtime

With hours spent on the roads, your vehicles are exposed to many harsh elements including dirt, oil, slush & salt. Continued exposure will cause components to corrode and rust over time, causing parts to fail and expensive maintenance. Power washing your vehicles on a regular basis removes harmful contaminants, prolonging the life of your fleet and its components. A small investment in power washing can save you big money in the long run on maintenance & parts.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

The safety of employees is always the top priority for any business owner. Truck operators face risks on the roads every day, so provide them with ease of mind knowing their truck is in good working order. A dirty truck will cause components to rust which could compromise the truck’s integrity including corrosion of brakes, wheels, power train, coupling & hitches, and so on.

Brand Image: Your Vehicles are Moving Billboards

Business owners often brand the exterior of their trucks with the company’s logo and other brand-specific pictures & slogans. Your trucks are seen by hundreds and even thousands of people every day. The way you care for and the cleanliness of your fleet vehicles tells people about your brand and the professionalism of your company.

Good for the Environment

A clean truck is more aerodynamic and produces less drag than a dirty truck, which optimizes fuel efficiency. This is not only good for the environment but also good for your bottom line as fuel is often the biggest expense for a trucking company.

Ready to get started? We can Help!

Business owners partner with H2GO to schedule recurring washes to maintain their fleet vehicles. With over 4000 gallons of water on board, we have the capability to wash several trucks at a time. Our high pressure & temperature technology removes the toughest grime including but not limited to the services below:

  • Hubcaps and suspension maintenance
  • Improved rustproofing capabilities
  • Prepping a fleet for a fresh paint job
  • Dirt, grime, mold, or grease removal
  • Touchpoint cleaning to protect drivers and delivery recipients
  • Cab, window, door, and hood cleaning
  • Ventilation clearing for optimal engine intake performance
  • Eliminating slip hazards, dirty mirrors, and lights, etc.

For more information, check out our fleet washing page or contact us today.

H2GO Team December 30, 2020