6 Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

“Nice weather season” is on its way! If you’re like us, your list of recreational activities is long for the spring & summer months, but so is your spring maintenance to-do list. Save yourself time, money & frustration by avoiding these spring cleaning don’ts below, so you can focus your energy & money on having fun this summer.

Be Careful Using Harsh Chemicals

While chemicals can make it easier to remove tough stains, they can also cause permanent damage to your wood structures, windows, siding, and more, costing you thousands of dollars and leaving your home’s exterior looking worse than when you started. Chemicals can also cause significant damage to your landscaping, burn your grass, and be toxic to animals & insects that visit your property. Be very careful when using chemicals. Many times the right technique & equipment can remove tough stains without the use of chemicals.

Consider Sealing vs. Painting Wood Structures

Your wood structures age over time from exposure to sunlight & weather. This can cause wood structures to discolor and rot without proper maintenance. Staining and/or sealing your wood structures is the best way to extend its life & keep them looking great year after year.  While painting your wood structures can also bring them back to life, paint tends to chip over time and does not protect the wood as effectively as a sealant or semi-transparent stain. Sealants & stains penetrate deep into the wood while paint only covers the wood’s surface.

Never Block Weeping Tile

While landscaping around your house adds value and boosts its curb appeal, be careful not to block the weeping tile or downspouts. Your weeping tile & downspouts play a critical role in ensuring water drains away from your house. Landscaping that blocks this drainage will likely erode over time and may cause water to pool around your home, eventually leaking through your home’s foundation and into your basement. It is also good practice to ensure your downspouts are directing water away from your home’s foundation.

Have a Plan of Attack

Your spring cleaning to-do list can be overwhelming, so make sure you strategically plan your method of attack. In general, it is best to work top to bottom to avoid having to redo items on your list. For example, if you clean your windows first and then wash your home’s siding, it is very likely that you will need to reclean your windows as dirt from your siding will spray onto your windows. Cleaning your driveway & patios before finishing your landscaping, may also result in having to rewash those areas.

Be Careful With DIY Power Washing

DIY projects have become a trend amongst homeowners as a fun challenge and to save money. While some DIY projects can be very rewarding, others can create more harm than good. Powerwashing your home’s exterior, patio, fence & deck can cause severe damage if the wrong equipment & technique are used. Siding can become dented, paint stripped from its surface, & wood can fray & lose stability. If you are not confident in your skills & technology, call the professionals. It could save you thousands of dollars in damage and a lot of frustration.

Washing Your Roof Can Cause Severe Damage

Your roof can collect bird droppings, dirt & algae, motivating you to clean it to restore it’s original beauty. Be very careful when washing your roof. Power washing, cleaning brushes and chemicals can cause severe damage to your shingles, compromising the integrity of your roof. Any damage caused during the cleaning process may also void any insurance & warranties you have on your roof. When in doubt, call a professional before washing your roof. Even a small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars in roof repairs.

Save time & money this spring! Learn from other homeowners’ spring cleaning mistakes by following the above suggestions.

H2GO Team February 27, 2022