Most homeowners can agree that clean windows dramatically transform a home’s appearance, yet not all are quick to call the professionals. For many DIY homeowners, cleaning the exterior windows is a task that is within reach. Homeowners often weigh the cost of hiring a professional window cleaning service and the effort involved to DIY. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring the professionals. 

Satisfaction with Results

Cleaning your windows takes a lot of time and effort and typically isn’t the top activity you’d choose to spend your weekend or vacation doing. DIY window cleaning often takes the better part of a day, but it’s worth it, right? Not always. Many homeowners end up disappointed in the results, left with streaks & missed areas. DIY cleaning is often a time-consuming task offering mediocre results.

Can you complete the job safely?

Heights & water can make for a slippery situation. Many homeowners lack the tools to complete the job safely. Investing in the proper equipment is costly, defeating the original purpose of a cost-saving DIY window cleaning. Professional window cleaners are equipped with the proper tools, PPE, and experience to execute the job safely. 

Protect Your Investment

Windows are a major investment towards your home and can be costly to replace. Windows are delicate and can be damaged if cleaned using incorrect tools, chemicals, and water pressure. When done correctly, window washing can extend the life of your windows by removing harmful dirt that can cause wear on the glass & window panes over time, and remove harmful bacteria & mold.  

At H2GO Mobile Wash, we suggest you call the professionals the first time to avoid disappointment and compromising your safety. Our modern window washing technology removes the toughest dirt, bacteria & mold from your windows without leaving behind any damage. Our window washing service will boost your home’s curb appeal, increase the natural light flowing into your home, and extend the life of your windows. We offer window cleaning services to residential & commercial buildings year-round. Contact us today for a quote, or visit our window washing page for more information.

H2GO Team July 26, 2021