4 Reasons to Power Wash Your Home This Winter

It’s the dead of winter and you’re trying your best to ignore the salt stains on your driveway, the dirt built up on your siding, your weathered fence, and the algae that grew threw your patio stone cracks last year. You are desperately trying to soak in the limited winter sunlight, but there’s a haze on your windows restricting the UV rays. You desperately want to get ahead of your spring cleaning but assume you can’t start during in the winter. Well, we’re happy to tell you, you can power wash your home’s exterior even in freezing temperatures! There are many benefits to power washing your home’s exterior during the winter months.

Selling Your House in the Winter

The real estate market booms in the spring & summer months mainly because your home’s exterior & property has its greatest curb appeal when the weather is nice. Even so, many homeowners need to sell over the winter months. To encourage top dollar for your home, it is even more important to consider your home’s curb appeal if you’re selling in the winter. Days are often dark & gloomy, and you’ll need your home to be meticulously maintained to attract the highest offer. Power washing your home’s exterior and cleaning your windows will help boost the value of your home and encourage a quick sale.

Impress Your Guests & Neighbours

Let’s face it, when we invite guests over, we want them to see the best version of our home. We want neighbours to feel proud to live on the same street as our home. Prepare for your guests and impress your neighbours by keeping your home’s exterior looking beautiful year-round! Power wash your home this winter!

Improve Natural Light in Your House

Your Vitamin D is at an all-time low during the winter as the days are short and often gloomy. Natural sunlight can do wonders for your mental health & well-being. During the winter months when sunlight is scarce, make sure your windows are clean to maximize the natural light flowing through. Every little bit helps!

Get an Early Start on Your Spring Maintenance 

Once the snow melts and the sun peeks back out, your spring clean-up list grows quickly. From cleaning out your gardens, cleaning your windows, power washing your patio & fence, and more. Giving your home’s exterior a deep clean during the winter removes a few time-consuming tasks from your spring maintenance list, giving you more time to enjoy the beautiful weather! 

H2GO Mobile wash has designed a power washing system that uses hot water and steam to blast through ice & snow, allowing us to service homeowners year-round. Take advantage of our competitive winter power washing rates and get ahead of your spring cleaning! For more information on winter power washing, visit our detailed residential services page here or call us at 1-888-990-4246.

H2GO Team January 26, 2022